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Molly reviews

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Three performances into its run, Molly Eyre has generated a couple of reviews. One in the Mainpost, which can be read in German here, and one in the Fränkische Nachrichten (also in German). For those who don’t read German, scroll down for a couple of excerpts in translation…

Young mothers juggle family and career as the ingenious comedy “Molly Eyre” takes the studio stage at Würzburg’s Mainfranken Theatre

It’s not easy being a mother. Young women with children are no strangers to demands –be they related to the incompatibilities of career and family, or “merely” to the expectations of children, partners and other family members. In her comedy Molly Eyre, British-born, Berlin-dwelling author Tamsin Kate Walker homes in on this juggling act, which pushes women to extremes. In his multifaceted role as director, set and costume designer, Jürgen Weber conjured up a witty and entertaining production…

This playful approach is inherent in Walker’s text, which sees Molly make the creative process of the play a part of the play itself – a self-reflective plot device, which is not unusual for post-modern authors, but which is rarely done so coherently. It is this second level in particular that keeps the 75 minutes filled with surprising twists and turns, so that by the end of the performance, the colour and use of the kindergarten room have ceased to matter…

…A racy evening, highly recommendable. (Mainpost, 11.12.2013)


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