Indecent Exposure

November 9, 2012 | by Tamsin |

Indecent Exposure was one of five pieces to win the English Theatre Berlin’s 2011 ten-minute play competition. The theme was Utopia-Dystopia, and as someone who even after 15 years in Germany, has never warmed to the idea of dogmatic over-dressing the moment the sun slips behind a cloud, I knew I wanted to write something around that theme.

Bundled up in scarves and red tape, a group of public servants embrace winter with all its weather vagaries and one particular vagrant.

A few days after I received the call to say my play had been chosen as one of the winning entries, I was stopped by a mother I know who told me that the previous day her son had copied my daughter and not worn a hat, and was consequently sick in bed. I rest my case. Read an excerpt from Indecent Exposure.



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